I bet Super Junior had so much fun filming the drama version of Mamacita. They usually film dramas separately but now, all of them got to act together. They must have laughed so much and enjoyed their time. All these dorks sure know how to make things fun & funny. I wish I was a part of the filming crew just so I get to see their jokes and reactions. I also wish SM would give them another variety show. It’s been so long since they’ve done one. I miss it.

Ryeowook & Hyosung acting cut ㅋㅋㅋ[x]


This is the guy we’ve been waiting for for 2 years.

congratulations on your faces
this wasn’t a lucky day for bounty hunter!hae

the fact that Donghae asked the criminal for the criminal…

Donghae <3 our baby is so smart lol

Mamacita Derp Fest

Fans hopped onto the road, Sungmin was worried about fans and was asking them to move backwards


The relationship between ELF & Super Junior ♥